Getting Started

Once installed, pin the extension icon to your browser for easy access.

How to Use

Some useful tips on how to get the most out of the extension.

Accessing the Widget


1) Opening the Widget

Click on the DirectionAndMaps icon to open the widget. You can click and move the widget or icon anywhere on the screen.

2) Closing the Widget

You may disable the widget at any time by click on the options icon.

3) Reactivating the Widget

Once disabled, you can reactivate the widget again by clicking on the DirectionAndMaps browser icon, then click “Enable Everywhere”.

Directions & Printing


1) Enter Destinations

Enter your start and end destinations. You can add as many addresses, or stops, as needed to complete your route.

2) Adjust Route

Reorder any of your stops by dragging the grey icon.

3) Remove Stops

To remove a stop, hover over the address and click the “X” button that appears.

4) Print Your Directions

Simply click the “Print Directions” button to download or print your directions with step by step navigation.

Print your directions and take them with you!

With DirectionAndMaps, you can easily input the route to print the directions for your next trip. It's 100% free, try it today!